Send hotkeys not stable



How could I ensure that send hotkeys activity is always stable while working in a virtual machine (which has UiPath installed in it)?

I tried following activities but am able to get 90% success rate only:

  1. Get active window activity
  2. Indicate element inside window
  3. send windows message property
    Please note it is not a Citrix environment.


Please try different workarounds

  • Indicate element and use Type with window messages or default (nothing checked)
  • use Send Hotkey activity but target the entire app window and not a specific Ui Element.


Thanks. I will give it a try.
Please inform if there is any best practice/ guidance for using send hotkeys activity?


It depends on the target application. Have you checked the UI Automation chapter (regarding type) in tutorials? UiPath Training Materials


Yup. I am aware of it.
Thanks anyways. I will go for hit and trial method then.

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