Send Hotkey Win+d


I want to minimize all applications, so I used send key Win+D .

it will work. but after minimize all applications I want click on one application.

for clicking I get a issue because send hotkey.

need your help…

You can do it like this. Minimize all apps manually. Maximize Studio and place Click activity. Then if you will pres Indicate on screen Studio will minimize itself and having everything minimized you will be able to choose app from start bar. Eventually during indication u see in right upper corner special menu. There is shortcut F2 (select after delay). If you will press F2 you will have couple seconds to perform something to prepare indication.

Thank @Pablito

I will try it.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Is this during automation or building automation?

If building use @Pablito’s suggestion.

If running, then you can use Win+D which minimises all windows.

You can try using Activate Window and pass the selector in or click the application on the task bar to restore it.