Issue with Send Hotkey

I am trying the activity Send Hotkey (Ctrl + p) to print a document.

But I could see that this activity is not triggering Ctrl+p at times.
Sometimes it is working perfectly. But sometimes not.

This occurs when I am running from studio as well as orchestrator.

Can someone trigger out what is happening here.

Hi @maria.josephina

Do you have a selector for that send hotkey activity? If you don’t have one, please indicate it on the screen and check the property “Click before typing” for Send hotkey. Make sure you are using “p” instead of “P”.


Thank you for the response.

But I am using this activity in a loop (for all page numbers, i want to do ctrl+p)
For some pages it is executed; But for some pages it is not executed.

Anyway I will try out your solution and let you know.

place the hotkey inside an attach window activity. It will make sure that the hotkey is passed to that specific wondow. This usually solves this issue

Thankyou @farhan94 for the reply.

I will try out the above solution first by checking the property "Click before typing” and monitor this for some time.
If that does not work, I will start trying the solution of adding an attach window.

I will monitor this for some days and let you know the response

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