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Im currently automating in a Citrix environment against an external desktop. To extract data i select different text fields, and use the send hotkey activity (ctrl c). However, sometimes it enters the char “c” into the filed instead of saving the data to the clipboard. Is there a solution/workaround to this issue? It occurs quite rarely, but I would love to eliminate this issue.

Make sure “SimulateClick” property is unchecked.
Simulate click doesn’t support hotkeys.

Thanks for the reply. However, I think i need to formulate the issue a bit better:

To select the text i want to extract i use the Click image activity and select click double in the properties pane (It does not support SimulateClick). Then after a delay i use the Send hotkey (ctrl + c) activity.

I expect this to copy the selected text to the clipboard, but on rare occasions it types the char “c”, replacing the text i want to copy.

Ooops my bad.:stuck_out_tongue:
Did you give any delay between key property .
Please remove if any delay .
How about "SendWindowsMessage " property check and try.

Hi @Andreas
After selecting the text, try using “Copy Selected Text” activity then “get from clipboard” activity.
Just give a try.

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