Citrix - Send hotkey issue

Hello Eevryone,

I am trying to automate few actions in a citrix app which is window based. As a part of this, I use “Send Hotkeys” like CTRL+G, CTRL+C,CTRL+V , CTRL+X etc.

The problem is works fine at times and sometimes it just types the char “G”, “C” or “X” in the screen. I want to avoid this. I experimented with the property fields (with and without values, checked/unchecked) but doesn’t seem to understand how it works because it just types the char. However this is rare but it has to be avoided at any cost, as the script would fail/misbehave in prod. Please share your thoughts and let me know how to make it stable. Refer screenshots below

  1. Should I use delay between keys/not?
  2. Should I use simulate property/not?
  3. Should I use send window messages or not?
  4. I understand special keys is from special key scenario.
  5. Should I use click before typing or not?

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change WaitforReady property to Complete and give a try. Just throwing out an idea, most cases like this it should work.

@badita - I am an enterprise user and we have been facing this issue every now and then. Can you please let us know on how to handle this type of issues? But I guess other RPA tools also lag when it comes to citrix automation.

@bala_subramanyam, Thank you. should I deselect and remove all the values in Property section for send hotkey activity?

All depends that your citrix environment has enabled send hot keys function.

I don’t understand your response. My citrix environment does allow me to use hotkeys. The issue is it is not working always. 70 pc of the times, its working as expected but rest of the times it is failing

I recently came across a post from @ClaytonM where he mentioned that while using CTRL on Hotkeys, sometimes the key gets stuck, doesn’t get released kinda thingy. His suggestion was to use rctrl instead. Can you try that?

@ClaytonM You might have a better idea about this.

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