Send exchange mail message throwing exception message

Hi ,

Im trying send mail using send exchange mail message activity but it is throwing below exception.

Observstion : If I use "sender - from " email in " logon User " , activity is not throwing any exception. if i give different mail in "logon User " it is throwing exception.

Please advice!!!

If you notice the log message in output, it is saying the issue with send mail permission. Kindly check with admin about your permissions.

I think it’s not uipath issue.

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Hi Sreelatha,

Thanks for the advice. If I use machine(where im executing code) outlook username in “sender - from” it is working fine but if i give my username or any other username it is throwing this exception. Could you help me in understanding why this is happening or what is Sender- from is?


Have a look on below topics.

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I went through the topic and i tried all recommendations still no luck!! Im seeing same exception.

if it’s a outlook then we can try with SEND OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY
Hmm it looks like outlook username issue only right
Like we can ensure that which is the right username from outlook and use that in Send Exchange mail
cheers @Raj_Kumar1

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