Send exchange mail activity - 'Send from' does nothing

Using the Send Exchange Mail Message activity the Send From field has no impact on which account appears as the sender, I sign in using my own login credentials and am trying to send from a secondary mailbox/Exchange that I have permission to Send on Behalf of, but this does not change the fact that my name appears as sender. The same is true for the ‘Name’ field


Can anyone help with this?

Same issue, same question. We have to send and receive e-mails from the different mailboxes while authenticating with a single robot account.

On a related note, what is the server URI format expected in the “Server” property of this action? I tried to enter the value of “” format, but it threw the “Invalid URI” error. Now I have to rely on auto discovery.

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i will investigate the From and Name fields, but my feeling is that they are server related. i will keep you posted.

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Hey @Gabriel_Tatu, @jasonsavory

Did you ever find out if the Sender From and Name in Send Exchange Email not working was server related? …and a fix? I’m having the same issue that those fields are not recognized when sending. The sender is always from the Logon user.



thanks alot man this worked for me…<3