Send Exchange Mail message not working

Hi guys,
This is an error that comes from a project already deployed and running, recently it has being stopping mid process wen trying to send out and email and spitting out the below errors. any ideas on why that might be and possible fix for it.

“SendOnly cannot be used by a user without a mailbox. Use SendAndSaveCopy and specify a folder ID in a mailbox to send an item from an account that doesn’t have a mailbox”

Did we directly try with SEND OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY

Cheers @mb977

Using that activity keeps on prompting for access to be allowed or denied which is not what I want

Under the logon panel on the right hand side you can enter in the domain (whatever domain the user is in), password (respective windows profile password) and user (the email address). These can be used to circumvent the original error.

@mb977 Got any solution for this ? I am facing same error now.