Send email reminders

Hi folks,
I need some help in designing of a solution, the scenario is:

Bot sends an email to an analyst (assuming 100s of emails per day) , after 4 hours there has to be a check if the response has been received with “done” appended to the subject line. If not, an email reminder needs to be sent.
The Bot checks again 6 hours after the original email was sent. If the response has still not been received, then send this case for manual review.

I need help with -

  • How to design this process
  • If more than one processes need to be in place to perform this functionality

Any help/input will be appreciated.


Hello @kaurM

Bot is sending 100+ email to the same analyst and do he need to respond to each email or a single response email?


Hi @kaurM
I also need help on this scenario.

Did you find any solution for it?

If yes, please can you let me know how we can implement it?

Thanks a lot !

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,

Suppose if that analyst was supposed to reply to only one email, and that would be enough, then what would be your suggested solution on this?

Your response & suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot !