Send email reminder automatically after 5 days, by keeping track of the replies


I wanted to find out if I can track to see if I have received an email response to an email sent out, and if not to send an email after 5 days? Would this be possible? I can send the automated emails, however I need to know if the person has received it hence why I need to check for the response.

If no response/reply is received within 5 days an email reminder is to be sent out after else to end the workflow.

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Hello @ekmlsbl,

Will it be for for single email or there are many emails?

Hi @Pankaj.Patil,

This will be for many emails that will be read from an excel spreadsheet column.

Thanks for your reply

Hello @ekmlsbl,

Could you try to review the attachment please?

SendReminder.xaml (10.1 KB)


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Thanks for that.

I am reviewing it now, looks great at first glance. The ‘strMailDate’ assign, is this where you specify the days i.e. 5 days etc?

Once again thanks for your time & help.

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