Send email in outlook from one account to another and leave the sender

Hi everyone
I want to forward an email from account A to account C with account B in the middle, for example, account A will send email to account B and from account B the robot will send the email to account C (but leave the sender as the sender from account A)
and also if I’m using the “send SMTP” what should I insert in the properties (such as - port, server, from, name)

thanks for the halp

Hi @dlichten,

When sending the email from Account B, you can set details of Account A under the “Sender” section in the properties panel.

Note that the email account you are using to send the email will need addtional permissions to send an email on behalf of another account.


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OK so what should I put in the “from” and what in the “name”?
and how do I give those permissions?

From : Email ID of Account A
Name : Will be the Display Name of Account A

Which SMTP Email Server are you using ?


how do i know? and actually I’m using outlook, but I thought that SMTP would be better
so what should I do?

You will have to get in touch with the admin/team which created your email ID and ask them to provide you the ‘send on behalf of’ permission.

I recommend you use the outlook activites, you just have to confugure :



OK i’ll ask them
but how should I insert this info? between quotes? in a var?
and also what is it suppose to be?
and what about the “account”?

thank u very much

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“Account” is the email Address of Account A.
When you type a string any where in UiPath it has to be in Double Quotes. If the string is in an variable, you just have to pass the variable.


two things

  1. I tried to send it that way but couldnt - the error was:“Send Outlook Mail Message: Account not found: us\orengolan”
  2. If I want to do a “forward” to another account (like account B) and also I want to move the same mail to another folder in the mail…


Is outlook installed & configured on your machine ? Also I had already mentioned that “Account” is an email ID that is configured in Outlook.

There is no option to forward an email in UiPath using activities, we can always send a new email.

To move an email to another folder you can use move outlook mail message activity.


outlook is installed & configured on my machine

I’m dlichtenstadt and my friend is lschryber and still didn’t worked…
it showed this error: “Send Outlook Mail Message: Account not found: us\lschryber” and this the account (by the command “whoami” in CMD)

‘Account’ must be the email ID configured in your Outlook Application. Sent On Behalf Of Name is the Display Name of the other email account.

Thank u very much for your help
But for now I can’t check your suggestions…
So maybe in the near future I’ll be able to check it and see if it works
so for now THANK U very much!!!

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