Send attachment in Outlook with Subject and Body

Hello Guys,

I am using send outlook to attach files in email from the folder and send it. I have refer to above link and I am able to send the attachments, but this method uses Forward functionality to send email where I am unable to provide subject line and body.
Please provide me if any other solution to send attachments in email and using outlook.


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In the Send Outlook Mail, you have the following properties -


  • Body - The body of the email message.
  • Subject - The subject of the email message.

So fill the body and subject as well.

Karthik Byggari

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Hello Kartik,

I use that property but since I am using Forward option too to attach all files I am getting email with attachemnt but the blank Body and Subject.

If you are forwarding a MailMessage then you can simply use an assign to add the body and subject

MailMessage.Body = Body text
Mailmessage.subject = Subject

If I need to send a E-mail with Multiple Attachments or attachments with filenames that are generated on the fly, I do the following:

The flow:

  1. Create a New Mail Message

  2. Add your Subject

  3. Add the Body

  4. Add The attachments using the invoke method activity.

  5. Specify the attachment you want to add (You can put this invoke inside of a loop or however you need it in order to add multiple files to the mail message

  6. At this point you can either use a send Outlook or Send Exchange Activity to “forward” on the mail message


Thanks Darby…