Subject and body text when adding multiple attachments

Using Attach multiple files to send outlook messages,
I was able to attach multiple files to an email. However, when I run the code it leaves the body and subject line blank. Even in the example code in the link above, the “test” “test” does not show up.


I solved the exact same issue by attaching the body and subject to the newly initialized mail instead of inside the send mail activity.

I’ve attached a sequence which does this.

Main.xaml (6.6 KB)

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Solved and explained

Guys! Apologies if my question is basic. When you can attach multiple items just by configuring the path using “Attach files” under send outlook message activity, why do we have to try all these? Am I missing something here? I know once the robot runs where the output file will be saved. I can just configure the path/create a new folder. Can you please help me understand this? I actually configured two file paths and tried sending a mail and it picked it and was working fine.