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I have a handful of robots that send emails via the same Outlook account. I want one of these robot processes to save the sent email as it goes, but I do not want to use Get Mail Messages in case the other robot is sending emails at the same time. Is there a way to save as you send?


we can do that in the same robot or along the same process
while sending mail with SEND OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY use a GET OUTLOOK MAIL activity as a next activity
where in the property panel mention as “Sent Items” in the folder and mention as 1 in TOP property and store that in a variable named list_mailmessage
–next use a SAVE MAIL MESSAGE activity where mention the input as list_mailmessage(0) and mention the folder path where we want to save the file

for more reference (2.2 KB)

Cheers @SoqedHozi

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Yeah, but my concern is that the other process will be adding to the sent items at the same time, and indeed I don’t know about factoring in the outbox time.

Ideally I want a send&save activity, or to send and output a mail message variable!

1 option I have considered is saving as a draft, saving that using get + save, then sending, but I do not know how to send a draft as this doesn’t fit into the mail activities.

You could make a copy of it and store on some folder before sending…

Why not while getting the mail from Sent Items we can get with specific subject filter using FILTER property
Like this
Use a assign activity and store the last sent mail subject Ina string variable named str_subject
“[Subject] = ‘“+str_subjext+”’ “
So that we won’t mess up with other mails which is been sent mean while

Cheers @SoqedHozi

I like this idea, which I have just seen in a custom activity. How would such a copy work with the standard activities? Can it be left unread so that only the new email is gotten?

This might be ideal. If the subject is standard + an identifier the read property wouldn’t even matter.

If you need the email on a disk you have Save Mail activity, if you need in your mail server, then you can send the same mail (using the variable) two times, one to itself and other to original recipients, just dont make sense to send an email and then go to server again to get it back…

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