How to Save Attachment from Mail with out using For Each Activity?

I’m having only one mail, and I need to save the Attachment using Save Attachment activity. All tutorials using For Each which loops multiple mails.

I read mail from Outlook with Get Outlook Mail Message, Output as “Mail”

I have to save the attachment using Save Attachment activity. Please help.


If your Mailmessage output is Mail and if you want to save the attachment from only one mail the top most then

  1. Once after get outlook mail activity directly use a SAVE ATTACHMENT activity and mention in mailmessage input as
    Mail(0) and mention the folder path where you want to save the file

But if you want to save attachment from multiple mailmessages obtained from get outlook mail activity then we have to use FOR EACH to iterate through each mailmessage and download its attachment

Cheers @Kathiravan

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Thanks a Lot Palani:)

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