Save Mail Message to Shared Drive Location

Hi Guys,

I’m having difficulty saving a sent Outlook message to a shared drive, everything I have looks OK, but I’m doing something wrong if someone could advise:

My error is Save Mail Message: Value Cannot be null
Parameter name: Message

Please correct me if I’m wrong, You are sending a message and then using save mail message. How you are passing the message to the activity without reading the mails from the outlook server?

Aha, this is the issue then, I only just realised Save message isn’t linked to Outlook as an activity, would you suggest a solution here @HareeshMR?

Save message is linked to the mail box, may be it is outlook or whatever. You need to read the messages from the outlook and loop through the messages and pass the message to save message activity to save it in the required folder. If this is your requirement, can you please try this?

Thanks man - image

Have been unsuccessfully trying this - cannot convert list of mail messages to a mail message is the error…

just pass as item in save mail message

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Of course, i’m an idiot, but now cannot pass object to mail message…?

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Click on for each and change the type of argument to System.Net.Mail.Mailmessage by clicking on browse types



Nothing like that… change argument type from object to…


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Of course, thanks so much, getting “the specified folder does not exists” in the Get Outlook now, although this folder does exists in my mail…

Can you post the folder you are passing to the activity?

Working now, thanks! What’s the quickest way to save as a .msg or otherwise?

Actually it doesn’t seem to working to where I’d like to send - I have Filepath(variableset)+Test+"_"+AccountID

And won’t send to this folder?

Can you post the error you are getting? Not sure if it will create the new folder if there is no folder with the name you are passing

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you can change the file path dynamically replacing with variables


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Eventually I just have to stop and it says it’s faulted.

It seems to be saving it in the location - with the name of +Test+"_"+AccountID instead of actually saving it in the location of that folder… which does exist

But this doesn’t allow the arguments to be passed to the name of the folder?

You can pass or concatenate arguments/variables as usual.


Let me know if you are still facing any issues.

You are trying to rename the message while saving? @Kyleb91

Just save it as it is and after that, use move file activity to rename it

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