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I’m a bit confused between the website explanation about Ui Path Enterprise Cloud licensing [ENTERPRISE CLOUD] ( , and UiPath - Cloud Orchestrated Attended Robot- Concurrent, UiPath - Cloud Orchestrated licensing types Attended Robot- Named, etc.
The one on the website does not mention these types of licenses, and vice versa.
Can anybody help me?

You need a technical explanation or is it more commercial? If it is commercial, i think the way is to seek help with UiPath commercial representative, as details can differ.

I think I need both, the commercial scenario and the technical too. Can we talk here about the technical differences between the Cloud Enterprise and the Named / Concurrent User?


Regarding licensing you can check below documentation

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From the technical stand point the cloud version is one that you dont need to install any server components to have the UiPath solution available, the comparison here would be that you could buy the Orchestrator to install inside your company servers or use it on cloud, than this would have licensing differences and be a little more complicated to manage for yout IT.

Thank You @bcorrea. My query goes far away than the differences between Saas or On Premise. The query is related with the components included in the Cloud Enterprise version and why cloud orchestrator has Named, Concurrent Users both for Studio and Robots. Any idea?

This are types of licenses that are present as a choice for the customer to get the best option to meet their needs, does not matter which solution you go for, the Studio and Robot have the same type of licenses available.