Sell uipath bots

is it possible to sell workflows and bots made with uipath to customers, and letting them use it without them having to download uipath?

No, not possible. They have to buy bots from UiPath. Orchestrator is optional. Technically your clients can download community edition & run the workflows developed by you, but it is illegal.Community edition cannot be used for commercial purpose.

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And if I send my bot to a friend, is it possible that he can only download uirobot, and saves the workflow in his computer. Then I can run it via orchestrator?

No, I dont think even that is possible.

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Hi @skini76

Technically, you can use it in small companies. Check out the license conditions for the Community Edition:

You just cannot use the Orchestrator platform for anything else other than training.

And I suppose your original question is answered here:

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I think small entities can use Studio, but not clear on the UiRobot. So you may have to run the workflows from Studio manually.

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I am thinking about starting an agency in which I approach businesses and tell them i can automate some of their day to day tasks in exchange for compensation.

How should I approach this?
Obviously I would need a uipath liscence which I already tried getting.

They replied to me with an email titled “UiPath Partner Program”.
This email basically invited me to the free Advanced Developer certification offer until the end of March 2019 .

However, they did not answer my questions regarding whether I am allowed to sell workflows to businesses, and how much it would cost for a licence that allows me to do that.

First of all you have to register your company / cannot be a freelancer.

In order to sell UiPath products you have to become their partner / authorised distributor.

Once UiPath enroll you as partner, you sell UiPath products and services.

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Do you know how much they charge for you to become a partner?

They will not charge you, they will pay you, because you are going to sell their products.

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What are the requirements of becoming a partner?

Only UiPath can tell you this, so why don’t you approach them ?