Can we run bots (Attended) without having orchestrator licence in production?

I have created some workflows using uipath community version, now if i want to go live in production & as i want to trigger bots manually whenever required without scheduling, can i just go with uipath studio & bots licence in production without buying uipath orchestrator licence ?

short answer: no

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Hi @jigneshjk yes you can purchase either of one thing

if you have completed making bots and don’t want to make anymore bots you can just purchase bot license in this case you will have a play button enabled in your design studio,you will not be able to design more bots.

if you want to keep on using design studio and make changes in bots or updates in bots then you shouild purchase one design studio and then the bot licenses.


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u mean buying orchestrator licence is must if i want to use uipath in any case ?

@jigneshjk no

if you want to run the robots without orchestrator then you have to purchase front office license for robots and not back-office


is there some time limit for front office bot like 8hrs day only ?

@jigneshjk if you have large amount of data then i would recommend you to go for back office license,

front office bots can easily work for hours but havent seen them working 24 hours

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@Samurai Can you please explain why the amount of data is relevant?
As far as i understand it, there is no technical difference between the licence other that weather or not it can be scheduled through the Orchestrator?

As for @jigneshjk original question:
As I understand it (someone please correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile: ):
Community edition is ONLY for Proof of concepts and personal (non-business) use. If you want to design a robot for a production environment, you need to have:

  • 1 studio licence, installed on the developing machine
  • 1 license pr robot running your process (other than the developing machine).
    This licence have to be ether attended or unattended, depending on weather or not you want it to be scheduled.
    In your case it looks like you need Attended (manually started) licences, 1 per machine.

The Orchestrator is optional, but really nice to have in a large environment with multiple robots, to make the most of your robot time.