Selectors failing after many runs

Hi community,

I am experiencing a strange issue with a Type into activity to log in an App. The activity works fine, until I use the app for around 15/20 minutes. When I log out the app and run the automation again, the selectors does not find the box where to type into the log in infos. However, if I run it in Debug mode, the automation works everytime.

What I have done is the following:

-Checked if the Use Application had some specific path that would change everytime I open the App;

-Checked the selector validity, changed to fuzzy selector, added extra anchor (two in total);

-Added a Delay Before up to 5 seconds (the ui element appears in 1 second or so);

-Added a check app state with an easy ui element to look for;

Regardless of all the thing I listed the robot does not find the ui element and throws an error. It works again only when I restart my pc and run again.

I thought the issue might have been related to the cache data, because as I run the app more and more times it gets faster. However, the speed to run the app stabilizes after a number of runs.

Did you try to check the ID of the text field you want to fill text for Login using UI Explorer? Sometimes when the selector can’t find the element on screen. The issue is cause by dynamic ID of the Element u want to select.

Are you logging out of the application at the end of your automation?

I am not using a fuzzy selector at the moment. The ui element shouldn’t be changing or be dynamic as it is the log in window of an app… In any case, it seems that the automation it’s running smoothly, but I don’t know why…

Update: It went back to working for 20 minutes circa, and then failing not been able to find the ui element.

I do log out of the app

HI @sebastiano_santini

so when you run attended is this working all the time?

It is not working again. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t. Generally, I observed that it stops working when I have been using the application for a certain time.

i mean the ID(not the element you see on screen) of the ui element. The Devs could make it dynamic so it is harder to use bot on.

This is how it looks, I don’t see any variation of these values everytime i look at them.

Update: I was able to fix my issue by switching to the classic activities and specifing the clipping region coordinates. The automation seems to consistently recognize where to click. However, I am still quite curious by the fact that the modern activites could not get this done.

Thanks for everyone that replied, I hope this post can be useful for whoever encounters a similar problem.

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