Selectors are not always present issue


So I am trying to create an automation for an application called ControlM. In this particular example say I want to automate clicking on the “Alerts” button on the far right as shown in the screenshot.

This is exactly what I want, no problems here. However I noticed sometimes the selectors just… for lack of a better word break. Large parts of the application are no longer able to be selected and instead just turn into one large selector. Below is that example. I am still just trying to click on the Alerts button.

This is an issue as I will be testing my automation and everything is working as expected, then I’ll have an instance where the selectors become like the second screenshot, and my process can no longer find that “Alert” button.

Is there any steps to debug things like this? I am not 100% on how to recreate this error but it seems to happen if I use the click activity (like in the first screenshot) → then maximize and restore the size of the application → use the click activity again (then becomes like the second screenshot).

I’m not sure how to make this go away either. I’ve found if I just wait long enough the selectors will eventually go back to the first screenshot. Again, I’m really confused and would appreciate any help.


With respect to your second screenshot, try to click at left top corner of the Alerts button, even though the whole screen is being selected. And try to select whole(and only) of the Alerts button, even with hand symbol cursor and check if it is able to detect that button and make changes using UI Explorer if needed.

Have you got any solution for this? I am also facing the same issue.
First time it is selecting the element and next time it fails. When i try to check the selector, it highlight the whole screen, not the particular element.

it occurs randomly. Not able to figure out a consistent way to select the element in any of the way (Normal click, All types of recording like Basic, Desktop, Image, CV). Nothing works out. Sometime it works in my machine and not in other machine.