Selector valid but shows as Invalid

I use the modern Application/Browser to attach to a Java application window by its handle (due to duplicate open windows). While this works, the dependent UiPath activities show their selectors as invalid and do not validate.

As an example, see the two images below:

Image 1:

This selector is dependent on the nApplicationCard, and targets the same window as defined in the Application Card’s Input Element. It shows as invalid, but it does run.

//Note: in_Handle is int32. in_Handle = valid windows handle Int32 value
Input Element: new UiPath.Core.UiElement(new UiPath.Core.Window(new

Image 2:

This activity targets the same selector as in Image 1. However, for demo purposes, I included the app and cls values.


Is it possible for a selector, that depends on an Application Card with an Input Element, to validate in the same manner as it does when the Unified Application Target properties (e.g. Selector) are used?

Additional Information:
C#, Framework: Windows. UiPath 2022.4.3 Windows 11 Pro 64-bit 6.0.2