Selector to ignore white space and case sensitive

I need help on how can I make a selector to ignore a white space and the case sensitive as long as the value is same.

I have a variable with the value as below:
val = BER67283722 ACTIVE72930-GT-(2D)928TGH

And my selector virtual name tag has a value as below:
virtualname= BER67283722 ACTIVE 72930-GT-(2D)928TGH

I want to use the “val” variable to the “virtualname” selector, but with no case sensitive and ignore the spaces, then only the item can be match


You can just type * manually at the beginning and at the end of the selector. Eg. MySelector=‘ MyText

A different approach was to use a variable. Right click on the selector text and convert it to a variable.


My opinion for your case we cannot go with no case sensitive or ignore spaces for selectors. instead of that my suggestion would be we can make variable to match with the selector to resolve the issue.

val = BER67283722 ACTIVE72930-GT-(2D)928TGH

FinalVal = val.replace(“ACTIVE”,"ACTIVE ")

FInalVal we get like → BER67283722 ACTIVE 72930-GT-(2D)928TGH now it is matching with the selector.

you can assign the final val to selectors as dynamic selector to achieve the issue.

But only one concern is always we have to get the selector with the keyword ACTIVE.

please try if the above logic is ok with your requirement. thanks.

Thank you for your suggestion.
The val is also coming from different variables that I combine with.
But I’ve tried the final val method you mentioned seems to work.

Thanks again !

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Your welcome @NAJAA_BAZILAH

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