How to Ignore the Dynamic variable's Case(upper or lower) in the selector

Hi All,

Need your help for this!

I have a dynamic variable UserID in the selector of GetText Activity.

The text that i am scraping is in different formats(Eg: firstname or FirstName or FiRsTNaME etc).and even the input variable in the selector i.e UserID will also be in different formats(Eg: Firstname or FIRSTNAME,firstname etc .)Hence my GetText Activity fails while scraping the text.

The GetText Activity works fine when UserId and Text to be scrapped are in same case.

Is there any way to make dynamic variable(UserID) in the selector Case insensitive or Ignorecase so that getText activity wont fail?

Hi @kiranbgtechm

If you are using the latest version, you might want to check these new features for that:

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