Selector slow click on pop up?


I’ve developed 2 robots and both robots use a lot of selectors. When the robot clicks anything that is not a pop up box, the selector are clicking in less than 1 second. But when it comes to pop up box the robot is clicking so slow, it can take more than 10 seconds per click. The example is shown below :


The picture as seen on top is inputted by the robot and each data are inputted in less than a second.


The picture as seen on top is part of the pop up box to confirm if you are sure to save or not. Normally it should be clicking fast, but I don’t know why the fuzzy selectors I am using took more than 10 second just to click the “ok” button. In this case, the selectors delay is not set (so it’s default is 0.2 if I’m not mistaken)

I read about 3 selectors (Partial, Full/Strict Selector, and Fuzzy Selector), and I only see Strict and Fuzzy selector only and still don’t know how to use the partial. Any idea how to make the selector clicking fast? and maybe en explanation to me since I’m a newbie to uipath. Thanks !

if you want to just click “ok” please go with normal selectors which we use in classic activity

Hi @Rhys18

For Pop Ups you can use “Check App State” Activity which gives boolean value as the Output, and you can use as per the requirement, which would be faster.


Hello @Rhys18

The popups are not in the attached window. So can you try putting the popup inside a separate scope and click on it.

Just try to record that step alone and add it in the workflow. Update here if it works.

I tried this 2. Using any selectors available and still took more than 10 seconds. Either fuzzy or strict selector

Hi, did you mean by using the activity recording?


Okay I will let u know once I try this… Never heard of check app state before

Yes… Using recording…App/web recorder.
Only that click activity of pop up can be recorded. So it will come inside an application scope.

Okay thank you !

I will try each solution given and will update asap.

Sometimes selector take more response time that’s why we use simulate type click , may be try with simulate type
Basically simulate type is faster than normal click

Hi, @Veera_Raj @Rahul_Unnikrishnan @suraj.setty

I tried to use every single method given and the selector is still clicking slowly. I tried to use Strict Selector, Fuzzy Selector (both used with image checked on unchecked). Simulate click, record app/web even set the delay to 3 sec only and the selector is still clicking slowly. Any help on this?

Can you refer to the below post.

wait for ready asNone.

Try This…

Set Timeout Property of Click Activity to 1000 Seconds.


Hi @Rhys18 ,

Could you let us know the time taken for this Click ?

It might also be due to the reason that it waits for the Page or the Ui Element to Load Completely before the Click. This would be the case if the WaitForReady Property is set to Complete.

Try Changing it to NONE or INTERACTIVE and check.

Default timeout to Execute any activity is 30 Seconds.



I tried to set this one also and the selector is still slow responding to the click… Not only click, I also tried send hotkey trigger and the delay is equal as the selector click.

I’m using strict selector, wait for ready to none, delay before after to 0 secs, timeout to 1000 ms and simulate click

it took less than 30 seconds (this case I didn’t set anything)

This is the package I am using for my project


Can you share your code for this?

@Rhys18 ,

Is this happening for one Click Activity only ? Meaning for one UI Element ?

Could you also share the Selector used ?

Also do provide the Screenshots of Properties of the Click Activity.