Selector not working in another browser

Hi guys
When I create workflow in web browser using google chrome it working fine but If I use same workflow in another browser like IE and to again indicate element each one to work the flow in Internet Explorer How can I make workflow selector so that could be run any browser


it’s not so easy to create a selector that will work on every Browser, because it depends mainly on how the websites are made.

One thing that comes to mind is that the root of the selector is the process name, that is different based on the browser you are using (iexplore.exe, msedge.exe…), so you can try to use wildcards in these and see if the selectors work on different browser.

Could you please refer any tutorial to learn about selector if i use one browser

There’s a nice course on the Academy, accessible with this link:
UiPath Academy

Also this UiPath Essesntial Training - 4 3 Selectors - YouTube can be quite useful

First step in achieving what you want would be to try and use “Attach Brower” or “Open Brower” wherever possible. That way your main window selector would remain consistent throughout all the sub activities within the scope. You would, ideally, only have to change(dynamically) the selector in one place. Example as such:

<html title=‘Google’ />
<webctrl id=‘gbqfbb’ tag=‘INPUT’ type=‘submit’ />

<html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘Google’ />
<webctrl id=‘gbqfbb’ tag=‘INPUT’ type=‘submit’ />

It’s not much but hope it helps!

PS: keep in mind the browertype dropdown as well, will need to be dynamically updated.