Using workflow in different browsers

Hi, I tried to search forums for some tips but was not able to find what I’m trying to achieve.

I have developed workflow that uses certain online service. The workflow itself works with no problems, however I later got informed that it will be used with multiple different browsers. Problem here is that all Selectors are customised to use chrome as the base application. First I thought that I could just replace “app = chrome.exe…” with “app = *.exe…” since there was other specified selector elements present. It appears that it won’t work, as the robot is unable to find the correct program.

I could just try to identify which browser the user is currently using, and based on that use selectors with variables (this should be possible, if I’m not mistaken) but there might be multiple ones open. Other option is to distribute different versions of xaml and let end user choose, which to use. This feels bit clunky since I would need to create around 5 different versions of the xaml, and it would require more effort from end users.

Guestion is: is there any easier way to implement the multiple browser support for my robot?

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Hello Kerundi,

I have a similar problem, wer you able find any solution for this?