Selector not work for click activity

@parvati I used click image but not work even for single record then I used click activity

if you will press enter, does that button is going?

using click image activity not work for single record I am attaching you both the screen shot one is before close the current claim number can’t open new one this means close claim button not work and second screen shot using click image

use either click or click image activity…

at a time you can’t use both for same purpose…

yes I know if you saw my click activity it is commented means not in use

in click image nothing has shown?

@parvati yes I try this 4-5 time I getting this

this is not click image activity

@parvati this is I used


see in this image how i used click image for filter…

@parvati I only found click image under mouse or click image trigger under image trigger may be for this youn download the package may /i know the package name

it is click image activity only
by default this activity is present.