Selector issue with IE for closing tab


I have a situation where after i click a hyperlink from the web page it is opening in a different tab and i have to save the output in the page and close the tab.

My issue is when i am running this main flow its working fine in the first time but for the 2nd time its giving me the selector issue.

P.S I tried using hotkey to close the tab it didn’t worked even the close tab activity is not going to work as well as i have to put browser in the property where as this tab is opening after clicking a hyperlink,
I use a click and pointed the selector to x to close it. I am attaching the screenshot.


Hi @indrajit.shah,
Maybe instead of clicking “X” button it will be better to send hotkey for closing last tab :slight_smile:

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Hello @indrajit.shah

please share what error you get regarding selector .


Hotkey didn’t worked, i tried sir

Hi @indrajit.shah

Hoping you are using the activity inside Attach Browser.

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here is the screenshot

P.S - this ran fine for the 1st record but whenever its going for the second record its getting failed.

no its a complete different workflow or .xaml
All though all this activity is working after login to the web application and so on…

@srdjan.suc ?? what do you mean?


could you change title value as '*
its just try