Browser tab selector issue

Hi, I am facing a browser selector. I select the whole page. But it’s showing some error. I made the dynamic TAB name also. But it’s stopping here only.

If I check my selector is showing active.
But still it’s showing me an error.


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All the selectors starts with <wnd … > means it is looking for window instead of browser.

Replace the selector with the following string -

"<html title='OIC eAuthorization Portal - Internet Explorer' />"

Karthik Byggari

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It became inactive, when I choose this. I made it dynamic, bcz sometime my browser tab name not visible complete. sometime it’s showing only OCI eAuthori
Plz tell me where I am doing a mistake.


I already validated but it’s not validating.

@KarthikByggari implemented your method also.

Browser is open

You do not need app attribute here. Try deleting the app attribute and check.

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Not working bro.


Browser is also open



which activity you are using?

Try with attach browser if browser is already open.

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No Karthick

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Hey @balkishan,

Are you indicating the webpage or the IE application?

kindly have a view on this thread pls

Cheers @balkishan

hey i have the same problem with attach browser @balkishan how did you fix it please ?

Probably your packages are out of date. Navigate to “Manage Packages” and update all that have updates.