Selector in ERP tool

I need to automate the invoice process in ERP tool named Odoo. But i am facing issues in selector. I to tried with dynamic selector still facing issues in every part. used recording method, Hover activity and all but all are trowing an exception in different stage where the error ie the selector is get changed for each run and give a big deal can any guide me how to do this

OK @soumi_soumiya

did you check aaname in the selector property, i guess i won’t change dynamically. Just check and let me know otherwise just share the two different dynamic selectors here. let us see…

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Thanks for your reply
what is aaname


See it by opening the uiexplorer for aaname attribute

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Thanks for your reply…
but it does not works fine

Means, aaname is also different?dynamically?

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I use aaname and idx to find the element. Sometimes, replace a part from aaname with *
Had to test many times to find which one works


Sử dụng, Ui Explorer, bắt miết bao giờ nó hết động thì sài bạn ha…:)))