Selector doesn't work via Orchestrator (VM) but in studio

Hi all,

the process runs locally via Studio but not on VM via Orchestrator. Can you please help me with the deployment in Orchestrator?

The process starts on orchestrator: Opens Browser. Get Credential. Input E-Mail and Password.
Here I use a type into activity for. Up to this point, the process works fine via studio and orchestrator.

The next process step is to find an element and to hover over an element. Those steps don’t work via orchestrator and the error says that the problem is the selector. Using studio it works. Default naming of the activity is Find Element ‘A javascript:;’ - might this be the issue here?

Thanks! I really don’t know why…

Problem partially solved:
Instead of Find element I am using get attribute directly. And it works.
Further, there were some selector issues.

And one has to be careful as deployment in VM might be slower or different. Hence, adding a delay or using a more resilient structure might be necessary.

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