Selector does not recognize individual cells on MSAccess Application

I am trying to extract/manipulate data in an application that is based on MS Access. The selector does not recognize the individual cells of the table, but the table as a whole. I have tried screen scraping, recorder but nothing seems to work.

Did anyone had a similar issue? Can anyone help?

you can

  • change the UIAutomation framework (Press F4 while taking the Selector, and take the selectors slowly)
  • check if a SQL based approach to the ACCESS datatable would be an alternate option

Hi Peter, thank you for the quick response. None of the the two approaches works…

that the changed UiFramework also will fail can happen.
But it is suprising why connecting to MS Access via e.g. ODBC and using SQL is also failing.
Maybe you can elaborate more on the steps you had explored within your RnD? Thanks

Hi Peter, im sorry i wasn’t clear. I cannot connect to MS Access via SQL since this is a third-party application that is based on MS Access. I need to find a way to interact with the cells since i need to be able to change prices, double click etc.