Can't select cell of datagrid window application

i have problem when i use UIAutomation to select a cell of datagrid.
i use dynamic variable and just could select cell in first row

<ctrl automationid='tiHT' />
<ctrl name='Records' role='list' />
<ctrl name='Table1' role='list' />
<ctrl idx='{{rowNum}}' name='System.Data.DataRowView' role='list item' />
<ctrl automationid='TextInOutput' />

when rowNum=1 it could be select

but rowNum=2 UI couldn’t select

Anyone know this case? or have other solution ?

What is the selector you are getting when you try to fetch the selector for 2nd row 1st column

it say “could not find any matches”
and warning the element was not found - “either the state of the application it not the corect one, or the configuration od the target/anchors is not correct”

add click or any other activity and indicate the 2nd row and show the selector generated

Hi @Hi_p_H_a_Hoang ,

Compare the Selectors for the 1st Cell and the 2nd Cell in UiExplorer, we would be able to understand what are the attributes that change and use those attributes to substitute our variable values.

i cant click any cell in 2nd row because uipath cant detect select area
you can see here

it only selects the outer cell

i cant select 2nd row so i cant compare it.
but in datagridview uipath can select and i has compared and know attribute change is idx

this have 2 tab is view and create new. i want use uipath to detect cell in tab create new

Then you can use idx instead of row value