Desktop Application Grid Selector Help Needed

Hi folks!

I am having trouble inputting data in to a grid in a Desktop application(“IFS ERP system”). If you look at my screenshot below UI path will only select the grid but it wont select any cells and no matter what I do even if I try to use OCR I cant click or select any cells in the grid below…

Can any body help here? Is there a workarounf or some way of doing that:)

See below for Selector that UI path has found and screenshoot. In the selector it only finds the frame of the grid wnd ctrlname=fndDataGridTechObjRef not the cells.

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I’m also encountering the same issue

Work around

  • Use screen scraping to extract table as string.
  • Use Build datatable activity. Provide column delimiter as space and row delimiter as environment.newline. :grinning:

Hi Vivek

Thank you for your response:)

As I understand it your solutions will work great, if I am Scraping data… But My problem is Inputting data in to the Grid, when UI path cant tell which Cell its standing in… Its sort of putting data in in the blind:)

Hi @Ole_Jorgensen,

Did you have any luck with this? Were you able to enter text inside the cell that you wanted?