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The automation takes Data from a Excel File and does a google search with the given Information. In the second step Uipath does a google search with the given information in a For Each activity. All the search results are in PDF format, so that the fuzzy selector choses the best result and with an click activity downloads it.

Sometimes the automation stops and I get an error in which the „Click“-activity „H3“ can’t find the UI-Element with the specific selector on the google search page.

What would be the best way to define the selector?
What can i change to improve the automation from stopping it?

Thank you for any help.


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There are chances that your aaname in the property is not matching the background…

You can add try-catch to the body of for each and go to the next line item in case of having an issue with one of it…
And later you can verify those values based on the exception message…

Selectors are the element identifier and need to be accurate to identify your control…

the aaname is in an variable, taken from the Excel Data.

What would be the best way to have the Selektor more dynamic?

Hi @Nemo93
check for the attributes where the values are changing and make it dynamic by using wildcards (* or .)

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