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I’m working on a process that clicks all of these buttons to load a table and do some scraping.

Each button selector can be used by changing one field: agentName.

For example:

The issue I’m having is that everytime I check this specific table and those specific buttons, their idx changes. Yesterday it was 84 and today is 89. Using wildcards will not work and I don’t know why.

If I don’t use the idx item, It can click on another button outside this specific table. For now I’m manually checking the idx and changing it on the selector.

Is there a way to automatically check those buttons selectors and assigning it to the selector?


If the idx is unique then make a counter variable and pass to the idx

Hope this may helps you

Hi. That site is generated by selecting some criteria: date and time and some other options.

When I run those criteria the idx is unique to that criteria only. For example when I run it for 02-09-2021 the idx is 84, but for 02-10-2021 the idx changes to 89. In this case wildcards wouldn’t work.


Can you share the url of the website if it is public?

Can you disable entire idx tag and try

Or share the UiExplorer screenshot with available tags


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URL isn’t public.

The website has several tables with similar buttons. I only need those in the first table, each one of them.
Look at one selector

Find the table and then click the first cell in each row. Make sure you offset the click towards the top of the cell. I don’t think that you’ll be able to simulate the click.

If I don’t simulate the click I have to scroll to that location, otherwise it will click on the bottom left corner (aka Windows Start). I already tried and for some reason it didn’t work. I used On Appear Element, Hover, pgdn, down arrow. But as the website changes for every time I change the criteria, it doesn’t work.

So Mr. @Srini84 helped me with the solution.

He discovered the Tablerow for that particular table had an constant increment of 4 every row. So he suggested me to create a while loop with a counter that increased by 4 every iteration. That was the solution to this problem.

Thank you very much!



Glad It worked.


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