Invisible elements change idx

Hi, I need to repeatedly fill in values to the fields of an application ABC. Unfortunately, the fields have no ids, so I need to use idx. The problem is, that it only works the first time I restart the program ABC. Then, after the first time the bot filled in values the idx selectors change (they change every time). There are probably invisible elements that cause the shift of idx values. Any ideas how I could solve that problem?


did you try using wildcards ‘?’ or ‘*’ in place of the elements varying everytime.

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Hi @chandu4712, yes we can only use the idx itself. Like this:
"<wnd cls='ThunderRT6FormDC' idx='1' /><wnd cls='ThunderRT6TextBox' idx='"+In_writeSelector+"' />"
Where In_writeSelector is the index, e.g. 5

If the idx number is more than 16, it is not recommended to use idx. and it is also not reliable solution.
You could either go with relative element selection or try using hot keys.

Thanks for the reply. The problem is that it is an assistive process that runs a lot. Hotkeys are therefore to slow and we need parallel for each to speed it up.

Hi @Jizh

Can you provide a snapshot of your element in UiExplorer? Preferably provide 2 or 3 so that we can see what your selector looks like in multiple circumstances. We may be able to provide some suggestions on how to create your selector to isolate your desired element.

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For future reference: We found the solution. The selectors change when radio buttons are clicked with a “click” activity. We managed to circumvent this by using the “Set Focus” activity instead.

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