How to loop same button for different items, different selector

Hi guys, so I have to create a process where it’s supposed to extract the details for several items in a row on a website, and to do that I have to click on the “Actions” button for each item., image|147x348

The tricky part is that the buttons look the same, but the selector increases with each item

How can I create a loop where it goes to one item, gets back and gets to the next one and so on?

Thanks in advance

I’m not sure if this works out exactly but using clipping region it might work out
for click activity instead of using the selector as target element using clipping region might help since all the buttons are having the same name.



Open UI Explorer and click on button here on Ui explorer see the idx value. Then try for second button see the idx value. If idx value is increasing take a variable and make selector dynamic. It will work.


Hi, the selector is

<html app='chrome.exe' title='Segurança Social Direta Consulta de pedidos não validados de apo*' />
<webctrl idx='1' parentid='gridform:coviErrosDataGrid:**0**searchCardForm:acoes' tag='SPAN' />

Where 0 increases to 1, 2, n…
Do i have to create a do while and then assign the selector variable to increase by 1 in the end?


for second button selector if this value is webctrl idx =‘2’ then take a dynamic selector like


Thanks, it’s actually the


where the 0 increases along the rows. the idx is always static 1

Do I create the ButtonIndex variable? Do I assign a value? Sorry, just trying to figure out how this works exactly

if you comparing two buttons first and second and
if 0 increase by 1 and idx is same as 1 so take a variable i.e. Buttonindex and put in place of 0.