Attribute changes every time

how to leave the dynamic element without changing every time


Attach to live Element and it will make the value * (wildcard) or edit the selector and make it * for the one which can change.

Hello, I tried to do this and returned this image, but when I run it appears that the element was not found, I also tried to put ‘*’ instead of idx but it still did not work.
Do you know what the cause might be?5

can you please tell more about what you are trying to achieve?
Do you have a element that changes every time ?

I’d recommend you inspect the element using the UI Explorer and see if you can find other attributes that are constant. If there is still an attribute that needs to be wild carded with * it will be more reliable with more attributes. I’d also check out the academy training on selectors if you haven’t already.

has a robot process moment that I use screen scrapping, I generate a table and I pass the data to excel, sometimes it works and sometimes it appears that that element does not exist, I soon suspected that that element is dynamic and changes all the time

Can i suggest a different way to approach.
As you said that the value is dynamic, when you scrape the data, so the selector which works compare it with the selector that dosent. Identify the element which varies and remove or make it wild card

Generally using idx makes it more specific to identify a UI element.
If you want paste both selector here and will figure it out for you.

you are using relative element as well, does that vary in some way? or is it static value all the time?

I was able to identify two selectors that have # 32770

I believe the element is static

remove the element as required to make them both same so it will work for both.
Unpick, idx in , unpick element

that should make it same for both.