Selectors idx value getting changed

I am trying to click each element based on the occurrences but idx value is getting changed after screen scraping in selectors of that container or of that UiElement . Below is the screenshot for the same. Example “Difference in Content” as per the screenshot if it is three times we need to click on that each element as per the occurrence. But idx value is getting changed every time of that whole container.

I tried with anchor base activity, find element based on dynamic element on that page and click it.And changed the selector in * using wildcard. Using this the occurrence is getting changed and creating an issue and randomly selecting on that page.

Please help me in how we can fix the idx value in selectors for clicking on each UiElement.


Do you have some examples of the selectors and when it is changing?

When using selectors on changing index, it might be useful to recalculate the position (index) after the change is made.

Try to find it aaname using UIexplorer

Try to add other identical properties from UiExplorer.

Hi @sarang,

Avoid using the idx attribute unless its value is a very small number like 1 or 2 --> As mentioned in the Best Practices.

Keyboard shortcuts might be a viable option to navigate through the menu in your case.

Just like a few others have mentioned above use UiExplorer to get to the specific selector, like parent class or relative element.