Selector changed dynamically

Hi team,
From one of my website date picker is read only mode. how to choose dates dynamically. Each and every time selector getting changed(Like below can some one help me on this


Here the title part looks dynamic
So that we can replace that with a wild card symbol *

Cheers @vivek_sivam

From the image i can see that the tablecol and tablerow are constants. Avoid using the idx in the selector.

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Hi @Palaniyappan
Can you please give some example or how to use

For title attribute like this
title =‘*’

cheers @vivek_sivam

Will try to use with out using idx it won’t work

From the above one which row i need to update.
Can you please add for me


Go to selector of that activity and use wild card star in Title attribute.

                 Title = '*'

Hi @lakshman
Can you let me know where to i do this. Its my to date selector.


Here replace Title Attribute value with wild card star “*”. I.e. API User | |Logged In

hi @lakshman
Is this correct?


It’s correct only. By the way why you removed TableCol and tableRow attributes from Selector ?

So that only i can able to select the date dynamically. i have used converter for date conversion
The thing it will works till 2019. after the 2020 only it won’t works


Yes it will be very difficult to Automate to select Date from Date picker. Position will be changed from Month to Month and Year to Year.

Is it possible to enter date manually instead of selecting from Date picker ?

No The date controller is in read only, so we can’t
Is there any other option to select