Date picker within application

Trying to select a dynamic date from a date picker (cannot type in manually).
I have the selector working however due to their being more than one instance of some numbers e.g in this example 29th of April is shown, if i am trying to select the 29th of May it is selecting the first instance.


I cannot just always choose the 2nd instance as if the date I wanted to get was the 15th of May, I want the first instance of 15 (there is only one).

Any help would be much appreciated

The InnerText of the item can be used for creating a dynamic selector. You can pass in the day as a variable and the selector will go to the correct day of the month.

As for selecting the year and month, this will be more complex, as you will need to write a workflow that presses the next or prev buttons to navigate to the correct year or month.

I have the dynamic selector created and it is working. I also have the year and month logic working it is gettign round the issue of there being more than one instance of a number e.g 30 or 4 in the image above.

Check if there is an idx element, or try indicating the selector for each to see what the difference is. Then you can pick that instance.

It looks like you would be safe in assuming that you can pick the first instance if the date is between 1 and 15, and the second instance if it is between 16 and 31.