Selector bug

Hello everyone,
Though looping in an excel file, I am opening a web app , opening files number and clicking on a specific space to change the amount of money.

The problem is:
On 5 files, some can be changed others cannot while using the same space to modify the amount of money.

Any explanation?

Can i have a view on the selector once… buddy
Make sure that the dynamic part is replaced with wildcards value in the selector attribute
Cheers @Youssef


fine lets try to pass the value of row(“Cause-dommage”).ToString one by one to the selector manually and check which one is getting failed and which one is working fine…
Kindly take a note on the selector for each value of it
The reason is we are facing issue with just five values so it would be easy to check it manually …that would let us know where we are lagging
this can be sorted out buddy
Cheers @Youssef

Same thing does not work

When I treated the error file individually and indicated its ID it worked fine

So the issue is with the selector right…
usually we need to pass the variable to the selector and you have made it correct
but the place where we have this change is wrong
we need to pass the whole selector as a string between double quotes and paste it in the selector property of the activity rather making changes in the selector editor, as it wont take the variable into consideration…
Kindly try to send the selector as a string between double quotes and mention that in selector property as input
more info on this

Cheers @Youssef

Thanks I got the problem.
He is actually reading a string that contains an (‘) as '
How to make the robot change the string that contains (’) in the excel file with &apos ?

can i have an example of how the data looks like in excel if possible
Cheers @Youssef

usually we can handle replace string with this syntax
make use of it as per your requirement
Yourvariable.ToString.Replace(“Word to replace”,“Word to be replaced with”)

Cheers @Youssef

any issues still buddy @Youssef

For instance, If I want to replace all sentences like the first sentence in the third column with a new string.

What is the actvity for the syntax ?