What's wrong with this dynamic selector?

Hello guys.

I’d like to select the radio button of the website(internet explorer) based on the value inside the excel file which is “18” and then It will change manually to "Island Trading " on the Excel file “hoja1” , cell “B4” .


Desired workflow:
I’d like to select the radio button of “18” and then If I changed the excel value on “B4” to “Island Trading” and then I run the bot, It would select the radio button automatically on the browser.

I’m attaching my file.xaml and the excel and the example of the website.

Thanks for your help.


Main.xaml (26.3 KB)
test.xlsx (9.4 KB)
prueba.html (8.6 KB)

Hello @pprin001

Can you please share the screenshot of the selector used in the radio button?


Hello @Rahul_Unnikrishnan .

indiceBuscado is the index of the row in the list of radiobuttons in the internet explorer website.

<webctrl tableCol='1' tableRow='{{indiceBuscado}}' tag='INPUT' />

"<webctrl type='radio' class='' tag='INPUT' aaname='' />"

can you try opening it in the uiexplorer and check whether any other attributes can be added to the selector? Then try to add the variabale to the selector.

Also make sure the variable is a string variable.


Thanks for your reply.
Ok, I changed the variable to String, and didn’t work. Plus, I don’t get the part about “other attributes can be added to the selector”.


for reference I’m sharing a video.


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