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I am stuck in one scenario.
I have to click on send anyway button shown in image, and i try to make the selector , but select is giving issues.

It is the chrom browser and i want to click on Send anyway button.

Can anyone help ?
Sahil Garg

Hi @Sahil_Garg1

you can use click image activity for this if selector is not stable…thanks

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Actually it is not an image but let me try, meanwhile can’t we make selector dynamic ?

Like by using id or aaname attributes .

Try to use wildcard characters in UiPath selector…


Click image is working, :slightly_smiling_face:

But can we make only click activity selector dynamic ?

Actually i tried but it is not working, not sure where i was doing wrong

Can you show what selector is coming in uiexplorer when indicate it…thanks

Try use " Anchor Base Activity"


try changing the framework by pressing f4 and try to indicate again , as it is is indcationg the whole screen now right?

In all framework same happens

Hi Sahil,

To achieve feasible solution, we have multiple options.

  1. Use Anchor Base Activity
    Inside activity, left pane invoke find image
    on right pane use click image (while using click image ensure you selected Clip Region)

  2. Use Image Exist Activity (while using click image ensure you selected Clip Region)

Hope will useful…

Happy Automation

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Hi Bala,

Suppose we move project folder from one system to other, will image still available ?

I am not sure of that, that’s why trying to make selector of click activity.

Not necessary buddy. Studio will automatically image coordinates to .xaml file. whenever you moving your project folder studio will automatically recognize.
Hope solution meet your need…

Could you please make this as Solution…

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