Selecting the type into field

Hi everyone, I have a question regarding a type into activity. I’m working with Oracle and I have to use the type into the activity to type in to a line but sometimes that line and or the 2nd line has information in it already so I need to type to the next line how do I do that? I have attached a picture below where all lines are empty but what would I do if some lines already have info on it and I need to use the next available line?
In the picture under category next line

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Hi @seanp92

are you automating oracle forms?

You can use Get Text activity to check if there is some values or not, but I don’t think that is proper solution.
If there is lots of activities involved maybe you should just override them with values? :smiley:

–use a get attribute activty and select the first cell of column category…
–then get the attribute aaname or text from that activity with a string variable as output named outtext
–now use a if condition like this
outtext.ToString.Length > 0
if true it will go to TRUE part where we can use tab key or enter key or any key that will take us to next line using send hot key activity can be used
or if the condition fails it will go to ELSE part where we can normally use TYPE INTO activity to type into the field

Hope this would help you
Cheers @seanp92

Thanks Palaniyappan I will give it a try!

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Yes Karun this is something in oracle

Cheers @seanp92

Thanks for the reply @seanp92

Once I tried to automate oracle create user form but UIpath explorer is unable to recognise the selectors on oracle forms

Are you able to indicate selectors on oracle forms?

Yes I can!

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