Selecting date from a calendar in booking websites

I’m trying to select a user given random date from a calendar in booking websites where it will be able to choose any date from the calendar given input through input dialog.

Please help me with the problem for choosing date in calendar in redbus website. Problems I am facing right now are 1. I am not being able to go through different months in the calendar,
2. for each month for a particular date the selectors of that date is comprised of column and row numbers. how can i click on a specific date ?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Ayanti_Dey,
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Here’s a simple xaml of how you can navigate through the months and days.
bus.xaml (6.7 KB)

the redbus website is this?
The problem is, 1) your selector is not reliable? You cannot click on this ‘>’ or this ‘<’?
2) I just look quickly at the selector and I see the number of day in ‘aaname’

Please can you specify this?

Thnaks :slight_smile:

In the place of aaname i have used a variable which will store any date that is selected. what my problem is that i want to navigate to the next years using next arrow and also the months. whenever im opening the website it is showing the last date but suppose i want to select a date in previous month, It is not being able to click the back arrow.

Thank you Pablito but this is not what I was looking for.

Open website from this link (it has other type of tex boxes) you can use on them Type Into activity :wink:

Hi @Ayanti_Dey,

Refer the below post for reference

I have done the same issue of selecting the date from the calendar in Red bus website

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