Selecting an item in data table


I created a data table named ExtractDataTable2 now this table has values in column User and I want to click on web the hyperlink bind to the username in data table . I applied a for each loop and trying to click text but it is not working

Attached screenshot for reference , please suggest what can be the way around .
There can be multiple users and I need to click each user 1 by 1 .


Hi @pankajdhankhar

take get row item activity to get the data from specific column from excel to iterate
pass the get row item activity output into click text activity

Best Regards,
Naveen Ch

HI @pankajdhankhar,

From what I understood, what you want to do is, to get each user from the user column of your datatable and do some clicking/ processing based on the selected user.

Using the For each row is fine… In order to select the user in a For Each Row, you can do something similar to this…

ForEach -> Row in ExtractDataTable2

You can use


Below is a sample which I was working on few days back…


This way, you don’t need to specify the index… It will automatically get the value from the column by looping through the datatable.

Hope it helps…