Find value of datatable on web page and click it

Hi all,

I would like to get some tips on how to get started on the following:

I have a datatable in excel containing project numbers and additional master data.
Then, I have a webpage that looks like this (see below) for which I need to look up the project number from excel on the webpage, click it and fill in some data. I’m having issues with the first part: looking up the project number and opening it. Also important, the image has project numbers that are actually on several pages, so the bot should click the “next” button as well if it is not on the first page.

Many thanks!

Step1. use Data Scraping and store webpage table in Datatable.
Step2. iterate through DataTable to find specific value

Hi @reyaz

Step 1: was also thinking that direction
Step 2: can you elaborate a bit more on how to 'find specific value"?


In Datatable store two value the link text and its href value. use For Each Row activity to iterate through each data row of Table.

You can also store the value of excel in a Datatable and Use For Each Row for all values.
Use Web datatable inside Excel Data table’s For Each Row